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$0 Upfront Options

Where they present value and where they fall short…

In your journey to energy independence, you will need to make an upfront investment which can sometimes take the shine off the renewable’s pathway.

Fortunately, there is another option!

$0 upfront options are finance-based agreements that consider system sizing and bill matching programs during the proposal process.

What this looks like for you?

In most instances, this is the most convenient option and looks like a straight swap, if not an actual saving up front off your quarterly electricity bill.

As an example, if your electricity bill is on average $100 a week, your system weekly pay back could be $80 a week.

That’s over $1,000 of savings per year while you are paying your system off!

Where does the payback plan fall short?

The biggest drawback of payback periods and finance options is the extended payback period

Paying for a system up front and outlaying the lump sum is the most long-term, cost affective option as it has the quickest payback period

Systems with a 3.5 year payback period when paid up front, could look like a 4.5 – 5 year payback period when on a payment plan

Essentially, in the financing and payment area of your investment, much the same as your Solar System itself, each situation for each client is unique, which means each decision will be unique to the clients objectives!

Why put your money into a system when your system savings each week can go into paying your system off over an extended payment period,

Or, invest your money upfront to keep payback periods down as low as possible and pay off your investment as fast as possible.

What will you do?

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