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The Key To A Healthy Electricity Bill

The key to receiving a healthy Electricity Bill is to stay in control of your electricity consumption.

Keeping in control of your electricity bill can be achieved by reducing your energy consumption and by switching out old appliances to newer, more energy-efficient products.

Energy-Efficient Products

For the last 30 Years, the Energy Rating Label has been run by the Government to give us consumers an independent energy efficiency rating to help us calculate the cost of running appliances in our home.

As an example, a 9KG clothes dryer with a 1-star energy rating will cost up to $150 per year to run when used once a week, where a unit of the same size with a 10-star energy rating used the same amount as the other unit, will only cost around $35 per year!

This is a substantial difference in energy consumed and money spent with one being 4 times more efficient than the other!

Changing your old, inefficient appliances throughout the home can not only save you money but also reduce your energy consumption!

For more information on the energy rating label check out their website below:

Reduce Your Energy Consumption

The key to reducing your electricity bill is to understand how it's calculated. With that information, you will be able to work towards reducing the cost of your electricity bill overall.

Some key points include:

  • Using Energy Efficient Globes

  • Turning Off Lights and other appliances like TV's when not in use

  • Trying to minimize your use of hot water where possible

  • Install a timer on your hot water system so it's only heating for a period of the day (alternatively the Hot Water System will turn on automatically via the inbuilt thermostat even when not necessary)

  • Upgrading your appliances to more efficient products, with a 10 star (or a close to as possible) energy rating.

  • Adjust your usage patterns to avoid using the bulk of your power during Peak Tariff Periods (talk to us about how to find out what these are!)

  • Shop around and try and find the best retailer to suit your consumption patterns. is a great free independent government website that is available to help us consumers find the best package to suit our unique consumption patterns with Gas and Energy Retailers

  • Go Solar! An Alternate energy source like solar will offset your overall consumption with renewable energy

With These Small Changes...

...and adjustments to the way you think about your electricity and energy consumption you can avoid bill shock and set yourself on the right path for a healthy electricity bill while working towards a more sustainable and efficient home!

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