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Solar Systems and Payback Periods?

When going solar you are making an investment in a renewable energy source that is sustainable, viable and inexhaustible.

Solar systems are purchased through an upfront cost at the time of installation or through finance options that have a payback period.

The payback period is calculated by dividing the total system cost by the savings made each year.

Each client has different circumstances that are joined by a common problem.. Rising and crippling electricity bills!

Systems need to be specifically tailored for each client’s circumstances with many variables to be considered; from installation parameters, to client budget and design constraints or preferences. One critical circumstance is how long you are planing to stay in your home. This is profoundly important to take into consideration when designing your system.

If you have a 5 year plan to stay in your current home, there is no point from a finacial perspective, investing in a premium system that has a 4 or 5 year payback period.

In these instances, high value, budget, investor systems are the way to go!

These systems are specifically designed for short term investments, people who are planning to move homes in a short period of time, or for investment properties to add value and appeal to your property.

These systems can present 2 - 2.5 Year payback periods with all the perks of any system including 12 year material and processing warranty, standard 25 year linear output warranty on panels and 5 year standard or 10 year optional extended inverter warranty.

On the opposite end, if you are in your forever home and looking for extended warranties and long term reliable systems that are backed by big brand names... we have you covered!

Our premium, platinum systems boast the best suit for home owners in their forever home or residence that they are planing to stay in for a good while. These premium, gold and platinum systems are also the go to in the commercial space giving businesses and establishments the reliability of the information provided from these systems along with the nominal risk that comes with these superior selected brands and solutions.

Solar is an investment where the winner is our environment. By switching to renewable energy you are using completely clean, green, sustainable energy in your home, plus in the process you get to free you and your family from electricity bills! Be sure to understand solar, and how the payback system of your system looks for you because we all know the environment benefits immediately so you should also know when you will!

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