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4 Things To Avoid When Choosing Solar

When choosing a Solar Company, it's important you choose right!

Identify the red flags to avoid the costly sting of un-professional Solar Companies.


-  Extremely Low Prices  -

Don’t get tempted by prices well under the market average. Within the solar industry YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR, with lower prices can come lower quality in products and a poor installation of your solar system.

In Sydney, a standard, simple 6kW solar system with good quality solar panels and inverter with a quality installation in compliance with regulation and Australian standards is, on average, approximately $5,000 including STCs ('Solar Rebate') and GST as of July 2019, according to SolarChoice.

Prices significantly lower than this average price for a standard solar system can bring questions of the company’s genuinity and risk of costly rectifications. Therefore, it is vital you choose the right solar company when making this investment into your future.

-  “One Size Fits All”  - 

With solar, this is NOT the case! Some companies have standard solar packages that they attempt to squeeze all their customers into, regardless of their property’s specific energy needs and desired budget. It is important to get a solar system tailored to your specific average daily energy usage.

This will ensure that your system is large enough to significantly reduce your electricity bill by up to 80% and ensure it is not too large of an investment in both the short and long term.

-  “Buy NOW Before The Rebate Ends!”  -

Some companies try to put a sense of urgency onto making payment for the solar system by saying the government rebate may end soon. This is just an attempt to lock you into the purchase, this may be an indicator that they do not have genuine intentions. In this case, it is recommended that you evaluate the reputability of the company and ensure you are choosing the right solar company before making any payment.

-  “No More Electricity Bill!”  - 

Avoid companies claiming their system will cancel out your energy bill completely. This is an unrealistic claim for a standard grid-connected solar system even if the system is massively oversized for the property. This is because each solar system is affected by different conditions and factors, such as solar panel and inverter brands and efficiency ratings, roof shading and angles, weather and varying sun exposure, the solar system design and installation, amount and time of energy usage, energy provider and much more!

Essentially, all solar systems are different and it is difficult to guarantee that a $0 electricity bill can be achieved with a standard grid-connected solar system. There are some advanced solar technologies and solar storage solution that may reduce the electricity bill even further than a standard solar system although guaranteeing no electricity bill is unrealistic.  


-  Paid Advertisement  -

On Google and social media people can pay to have their website at the top of Google searches. For example, if you Google “Solar” the first results are paid ads, indicated by a small green box next to the URL which says “Ad” inside. Similarly, on social media this will be indicated by grey text under the company name, reading “Sponsored”. This can mean that any website or social media page owners, including unreputable solar companies, can be seen and get your attention!

Before considering getting a solar system from any company online, it is important that you ensure they are a genuine and legitimate solar company.

Get in touch with Advanced Solar to learn more and get a FREE Energy Evaluation and no-obligation quote TODAY.

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