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5 Things To Know About Advanced Solar

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

1. Who We Are And What We Do

Advanced Solar is a team of passionate solar experts dedicated to providing Sydney with tailored solar energy solutions. Our aim is to free our clients from rising electricity bills by enabling them to simply harness the Sun on their roof and produce their own green energy using a Solar PV System.

2. How We Do What We Do Best

Advanced Solar consults with our clients to identify and design the most suitable solar system for each individual and work with them until the completion of the solar system installation and often after that time to provide any further assistance the client needs.

In addition, Advanced Solar provides various post-installation #services, including, regular maintenance, and pre-existing solar system services such as, insurance work, full system upgrades, additions to existing system, full system test, checks and reports and also system cleaning.

Our solar systems are installed by Advanced Electrical Sydney who are our chosen Clean Energy Council Accredited Solar Installers. With years of knowledge and experience within the #Electrical and Solar Industry. With an abundance of quality work on display, we trust Advanced Electrical Sydney to install our client’s solar systems and provide any other Solar Services we request. When you choose Advanced Solar, you choose the expertise and quality service of Advanced Electrical Sydney too, ensuring customer satisfaction from first contact to after the final installation.

3. Where Are We

Advanced Solar was founded within Western Sydney of NSW in a little suburb called Cranebrook and service in #locations throughout the whole of Sydney, predominantly within the North West Hills District, the Inner West, the SouthWest and Western Sydney, in addition to their surrounding areas and suburbs. Where’s our office you ask? Our office is your home or business. No need to make a trip to us, our Consultants will scheduled a visit to your home or business to discuss the solar options that will be most suitable for your home or business. While we’re there, we’ll conduct a site assessment to assist the designing of the solar system on your roof.

4. Why We Do What We Do

With the rising cost of electricity bills in Sydney, Advanced Solar wants to put the power back in the people’s hands! We enable this by assisting our clients to produce their own energy for FREE by simply harnessing the sun’s energy. The more energy the client produces the less they will have to pay their energy provider when the electricity bill comes, leaving more money in our clients’ pockets.

In addition to this, solar energy is a renewable energy source, meaning that it replenishes naturally and is collected without any risks or negative affects on your health or on the environment, providing a positive contribution toward the solution to the current global warming and pollution crisis. So you get to save money and save the world!

5. How To Get In Touch

We’re always available to chat!

⚡️ Call us on 1800 848 982

⚡️ Write us an email to

⚡️ Send us an enquiry on our website

⚡️ Connect with us on Social Media:

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