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Solar Hacks: How to make back your investment in rapid time!

When you think about Solar, you think clean, renewable energy. You also think about the amount of savings that can go right back into your pocket, right? Did you know there are some easy tricks to make sure you get the most out your investment? 

Here’s just 5 simple things you can do to ensure you’re getting the most out of your solar (and add more to your pocket!).

1. You have the power – so keep it!

Solar relies on the sun, so when the suns at work, so should your energy. There’s no point producing say 30kWh’s of Solar Power through the day just to send it energy retailer. Let’s say they pay you $0.20/kWh – not bad. But when you need energy from them (when the suns not out to play that is), you have to buy it from them at a high rate, say around $0.27 / kWh.

A tiny change like running your washing machine during day can make up all the difference! Let’s do the math… 

Solar Power Produced Sent back to The Retailer: 

30kWh x $0.20 = $6 Credit / Day 

The same amount of electricity bought from the retailer: 

30kWh x $0.27 = $8.10 Daily Cost 

This means your daily spend is off set by your solar credit: 

$8.10 - $6 = 

$2.1 New Daily Cost offset by Solar credit 

Doesn’t look so bad? 

I agree! 

Let’s look at the numbers for an entire quarter... 

$8.10 x 90 Days = 

$729 per Quarter 

Now on top of that there is roughly $1 / day supply chargers and other fees 

So let’s include that as well.. 

$729 + $90 = 

$819 per Quarter 

Now let’s work out what our solar would save us per quarter.. 

$6 x 90 Days = 

$540 of savings per Quarter 

Quarterly bill minus quarterly saving 

$819 - $540 

= $279 Per Quarter. 

Now that’s a worthy savings, right?! This is just an example, which if you’re working with your solar, could be even lower!

The main aim is to use what you got! Try to utilise the energy you have, while you have it, so you don’t have to pay for more at a higher price later. If you can think of ways to outsmart the energy retailer, you’ll be lining your pockets instead of theirs. So have a think what you can do during the day rather than at night and remember when the suns doing it’s magic, so should your energy.

2. Selecting the correct energy retailer

Your energy retailer is kind of similar to the gatekeeper – they set the price they pay for your unused energy, and also the rate of any additional energy you need to buy. Selecting the right company can make all the difference in ensuring you’re getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to rates. We’ve written an entire blog on this with information on how to save you an extract $5,500 over 4 years! Check it out here

3. Revolve your energy around the sun 

 Solar can easily be a set and forget kind of investment, but if you want to start seeing a higher payout for your investment, there’s some easy switches you can make to get the most out of your energy. Running your high consumers during the day allows you to use the energy direct from your solar. Be careful not to overrun your power source, rather run one at a time to save you from buying any additional electricity needed to power your home. 

We know it can become tough if you’re working during the day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put the sun to work too! Most appliances now have the ability to set delay start timers so one appliance runs after the other. 

- 10AM dishwasher starts 

- 11AM washing machine starts 

- 12PM dryer starts 

- 1 - 3PM air conditioning is set on a timer so the house is cool in summer or warm in winter ready for when you get home, off FREE power produced by the sun! 

Personally, we also try and squeeze in all our cooking in the afternoon. Or better yet, dust off the slow cooker for a delicious meal ready as soon as you walk through the door! 

4. Keep it clean and schedule maintenance checks

Maybe we should have made this the very first point as it’s arguably the most important of the lot. If your system isn’t giving you the outputs you need, then all the effort you’re putting into getting the most out of your solar is being made in vein! 

Did you know that cleaning your solar panels along can increase efficiency, effectiveness and outputs from your solar panels by up to 50%? Going back to our 30kWh example per day, that equals $540 you could be earning if your energy retailer was to buy that wasted energy!

We know the value of having clean, maintained panels on your roof, which is why we include a 1-year system check-up or system clean with all our installations. With solar typically being installed on roofs, we highly recommend leaving it to the professionals and only a qualified and certified person should access the roof with the correct safety equipment.

5. Keep your eye’s peeled! 

Last but certainly not least! Monitor your system! It’s likely you’ve set up your system somewhere you see daily so why not take a peek to ensure everything is working smoothly. Being in the biz, we like to check our own system daily, but we recommend checking it one a week minimum.

We say this so you can catch any issues out as early as possible. The sooner you catch an issue, the quicker you are able to fix it and get right back on track to saving! And, if you ever see an issue with your solar, give us a call on 1800 848 982.

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