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Solar Panel Tilt or No Tilt?

When looking into a solar system, there are many aspects to consider, from solar panel layout and design to the angle of the panel on the roof and whether your solar system needs a tilt roof solution.

There is much debate about tilts and whether they are worth it. Solar systems are not one solution fits all, and one of the factors that make all solar systems different is the tilt of a solar panel

Firstly, the purpose of PV (photovoltaic) solar panels is to collect the energy from the sun which can then be converted to electricity to be consumed within the property.

To maximise the capabilities of the solar panels to produce this energy, they need to be positioned at an ideal angle. This angle is different for each client due to the dynamics in energy usage, unique roof characteristics of the client and the standard peak sun hours. Through an energy evaluation and an assessment of these conditions by a Clean Energy Council Accredited Designer, a tilt solution can be determined to maximise the potential of the solar system.

Some client’s roofs are already at the ideal angle and the solar panels can be installed onto the roof, although for other clients, tilts are necessary and are recommended to get the most energy output of their system as possible.

Other benefits of solar tilt solutions include:

  • Allowing the normal roof top angle of a solar system to maximise the energy output of the solar panels

  • Allowing ‘self-cleaning’ with the natural runoff of water from the panels washing debris and dust to keep the solar module clean and collecting energy

  • Preventing water build up on the solar panels leading to degradation and damage to the surface of the solar panels, such as water ingress.

Aspects to Consider:

  • The additional cost of the supply and installation of the tilt solution in comparison to the potentially higher long term energy output of the solar system

  • The option of adding extra solar panels rather than adding tilts to potentially produce the same total energy output of the solar system

Get in touch to discuss a solar system most suitable for you! ☀️

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